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Seem to have bought another would be tablet netbook computer

The S10-3t is a flip-screen tablet of an Atom-powered 10" netbook with a capacitive touchscreen. It looks like an really interesting device and the arrival of my Pogo stylus and my copy of the Inkscape book just before were strong influences as well as years of news from Apple. The existence of Jolicloud is also a nudge ...

My trusty MacBook Pro 17 (lorelei) is out of warranty and has developed a noisy fan. Despite that I'll get at least two more years of solid performance out of her. This is actually more about my roommate's 12" Dell and my previous purchase and return of a low end tablet computer, and work. Oh and how immensely upset I am with the strategic directions of the company Apple Computer who used to make the best personal computers in the world but have changed focus to consumer gadgets.

I work in an office now in a stable environment. I don't take my personal laptop to work anymore as there is no need to (and it's big,heavy). To be blunt I have a really good job for a company that provides me the tools I need to work. If in the future I need a laptop for work they will immediately issue me one. So I don't need to haul a monster multiprocessing, DVD playing, virtual servers running pro laptop with me anyway. This is in stark contrast to the last couple of people I have worked for as some you are aware and that's part of why I make the point explicitly. When I do get home all I really do with computers is socializing and reading online, with some light hacking and goofing around. Actual video games already have a dedicated machine that wasn't particularly expensive, works fine, and stays in the study. Lab work will be done on the gaming machine or here on lorelei and does not need to travel often.

So over the noise of the fan and embittered by many things Steve Jobs has done to his company, to hardware I have bought, and hardware I ought to be able to buy ... instead of a new Newton with open programming and creativity we get iPad, with DRM, censorship, and a reflective glossy screen. Some other parts of the Internet are doing a fine job at explaining how that is a problem, so before I completely get off topic--

Sorry, let me try again. I spent some time Wed and Thursday night (once again) pricing laptops. I quickly found that neither Apple, Dell, nor Lenovo had a machine that I was willing to pay 2,000 or 3,000 dollars for and meanwhile the roomie was Facebook'ing and emailing along on her lightweight 12" (which Dell has discontinued making due to it's success(?!). So last night I snatched it and used it to look at larger-screen netbooks and read some good reviews of the Asus, Lenovo, Samsung machines as well as a couple others. And somewhere along the way I stumbled across mention of the Lenovo tablet convertible netbook ... and I was pretty well hooked although I kept reading. (Wed I had priced a really nice Thinkpad tablet or two, all more than $2000 once equiped) The rest of the shopping details I'll skip over after noting that BestBuy™ does not sell Lenovo retail so my chances for a hands on comparison were nil.

Another influence was a chat just yesterday I had with one of our Network Engineers about the new Android tablets that are coming out and how crippled iPad will be and how mad that makes us (as we are both long time Macintosh users). He linked me this roundup on Gizmodo and reminded me about the Notion Ink Adam and I showed him pictures of the entourage eDGe dualbook. This helped me develop the new strategy to justify purchasing the tablet [ If they don't cost $2000 I can have more than one (!) per three year lifecycle and b)need to try giving up Macintosh for daily home use.] So thanks ;) and I still want to see your Adam slate when it gets in. After all, it's Pixel Qi, which by all rights the stupid iPad should have.

So, it should be in a few days. There are already some unboxing photos and videos online so I will likely spare y'all that but will certainly be talking about my experiences here. You know how hard I am on these things, so perhaps I will have some useful insight. Still trying to think of a name, though of course I won't know until I have worked with her a bit.

ETA: Has shipped and should be along soon. Also, Amazon has more information than Lenovo's site, oddly: Lenovo S10-3t 0651-37U 10.1-Inch Multitouch Netbook (Black), though the model they sell is cheap one and I ordered a "Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t - 06513EU - Cosmic Night" which has the RAM, Win7 Premium, and Bluetooth, thanks.

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