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I let iPod shuffle.

(03:02:36 PM) adric: Right, time for headphones and noisy music or a nap, one.
(03:02:42 PM) dave: Nap.
(03:03:11 PM) adric: hehe, got another hour of this glee first and then I'm planning to try and do some work. I think it's music now and snack soon...
(03:05:29 PM) adric: Stupid iPod. Apparenlty Shuffle is only available for all songs.
(03:05:45 PM) adric: Now playing 1 of 2654, some anime music.
(03:06:06 PM) dave: I have Ren & Stimpy randominly popping up on my G1.
(03:06:19 PM) adric: Yikes. that could cause trouble.
(03:06:39 PM) adric: And now, Paula Cole. this could be very weird if it keeps jumping that far.
(03:17:52 PM) adric: six tracks in and five different anime. this is starting to seem like a bad idea.
(03:21:32 PM) adric: So track seven : Japanese lesson 17.
(03:21:48 PM) dave: LOL
(03:25:20 PM) adric: And eighth, Natalie Merchant. So far this may be a representative sample, and I'm concerned.
(03:28:02 PM) adric: 9 is JPop I don't recognize. Crystal Kay ?
(03:30:27 PM) dave: You know you have too many songs when...
(03:31:21 PM) adric: It always perturbs me when iTunes (etc) find songs I didn't know I had.
(03:32:09 PM) adric: 10th up: Sarah McLachlan talking about her song Angel briefly
(03:32:35 PM) adric: because shuffle disregards unchecked songs, hence the interview bits and Japanese lessons
(03:33:05 PM) dave: Currently in a loop of Silversun Pickups here.
(03:33:05 PM) adric: And then more music from bands that did anime soundtracks.
(03:33:16 PM) adric: Huh, what's that like?
(03:37:22 PM) adric: only 12 tracks to get to the Lovage intro track. Ha.

And then, only then, the Tori Amos starts, with "That's What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song)", of all things.

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