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Citizen United v FEC roundtable discussion here next week

There's been a lot of news coverage and a whole lot of commentary from many people on the recent US Supreme Court decision on campaign finance. I'd like to host a discussion here about it. I'm almost done reading the entire decision and intend to post some of my thoughts and questions about it here next week.

This will be an open discussion and all are welcome. Please take the time to read at least the syllabus at the front of the decision before joining in as one of the first topics up for discussion will be how the decision was reported and discussed and the accuracy and fairness of that.

PDF of the decision is available here:
2.56 MB PDF, 183 pages. Syllabus (the official summary) is on pp 1-7, the opinion of the court is pp 8-64 and the balance of the document is justices agreeing and disagreeing with the decision.

I hope to see many of you here next week! Feel free to circulate the link to this post as widely as you like.

Technical Note: Raw text of the PDF is easily generated and much easier to cite or excerpt so I posted one here:

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