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nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)

Weekend update

Overall I had a quiet, pleasant weekend with a lot of laying about feeling slightly off, two brunches, and large swaths of watching Farscape and playing videogames delineated by brief spurts of productivity.
  • fixed the AppleTV and got Transmission running on it. Can now torrent on the ATV, way more pleasant and efficient
  • shanghaied two house guests into helping tidy up the garage a bit, made good progress there while good chat continued
  • some progress made in DragonAge after reducing difficulty to Easy
  • disk four, Season One of Farscape including Jeremiah Crichton and A Human Reaction; as well as Chianna's appearance
  • answered a well written support mail for Moocash and posted it to wiki for later integration into docs
My boss is in town this week, so work should be even more fun than usual.

Still trying to find time and clear-headedness to sketch out various plans for 1Q2010 and to push forward on test environment design, or study some kanji.

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