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Let's leverage RT's cli to create the test env by script

Some notes on the cli excerpted from my work on a build doc

RTDEBUG2 exported as a shell variable (eg export RTDEBUG=3 ) is handy for debugging RT cli tools. That helped me figure out that I should change a 1 to a 0 at 987,66 (line_num, char) in bin/rt to disable use of proxy environment variables so that requests for don't go to squid pointlessly. That makes rt cli work. Then we can use a config file:

### .rtrc - Request Tracker 3.8.x rt cli configuration ###
user root
passwd password

##These specify defaults and more than one queue can be given (by adding a query expression)
##queue helpdesk or queue=support
##query Status != resolved and Owner=myaccount

or the RT env vars (both described in bin/rt help usage) and can wrangle RT internals without using WebUI or Perl, as needed.

Output of bin/rt , create -t queue -e:
# Required: Name

id: queue/new
, giving us this working recipe for programatically creating Queues:
bin/rt create -t queue set name=NewestQ description="a newer still Q than thee", allowing us to declare:

#!/usr/bin/ruby -w

## Example:
## bin/rt create -t queue set name=NewestQ description="a newer still Q than thee"

test_queues = [
{ :qname => 'External', :qdesc => 'External ticket Queue for Rt testenv' },
{ :qname => 'Helpdesk', :qdesc => 'Helpdesk ticket Queue for Rt testenv' },
{ :qname => 'Oversight', :qdesc => 'Oversight ticket Queue for Rt testenv' },

test_queues.each { |tq|
`bin/rt create -t queue set name=\"#{tq[:qname]}\" description=\"#{tq[:qdesc]}\"`

and we should easily be able to do the same for some sample users, groups. Unfortunately we can't add scrips or templates this way, yet.

Tags: cli, request tracker, software testing

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