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My morning routine throughout most of high school - nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id) — LiveJournal
yljatlhQo'! QIch lo'laltbebej!
My morning routine throughout most of high school
My morning routine throughout most of high school was oddly effective at the time. I haven't entirely succeeded in devising or adopting a more effective one, and this month has reminded me of that quite distinctly.

The bus to the Magnet School would roll by an unofficial stop just up the hill from my parents house at around 0620. If I missed the bus, my mother would have to take me to school and be late for work (Later I had to option briefly of driving myself in that case). It's worth noting that I was, as I am now, given to staying up late. Those years I was pretty regularly staying up until 0300 or earlier watching bad telly, reading fiction, or fooling around on a computer.

At 530 or so the clock radio on the night stand would start blaring a buzzer noise as well as a local radio station (chosen for annoying disc jockeys) at full force. I'd reluctantly crawl out of ed and stumble into the bathroom to start the taps for a warm bath. while that was running I would grab a piece of toast (or the like) and then pretty quickly head back into the bathroom to ease myself into the tub. the tub would fill pretty quickly with me in it and so I'd have to turn off the taps soon after. Then I would fall back asleep.

And wake up again a few minutes later due to cold water and noisy provocation from one or both parents. I would have to get up, dry off and pull on some clothes, gather my books and job down the driveway and up the hill to get to the corner where the bus might pause ... but only if I was waiting.

And then, I would doze on the bus as it wound its way north, stopping at two other schools before finally reaching mine. I got better at waking up before my feet hit the flooring and dismounting quickly. I would be pretty drowsy through the first class most of those quarters, except perhaps on the exceptional days I could manage to buy a chikin™ biscuit from the gym's concession stand before they were all gone. The contrast between having Video Annual or Calculus first period was substantial.

Heading home was much the same, and I remember clearly having to wake, stand, and exit the bus to jog back down the hill ... when my feet were still "asleep" and I could not feel them at all. That was always a little weird.

This memory of 15YBP brought to you by my ongoing struggle with waking and dayshift. Remarks welcome, including those about your past or current morning routines.

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faire_raven From: faire_raven Date: November 10th, 2009 06:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
When I had a job or school that started early in the morning, I would figure out exactly how long it took me to shower, check random internet contacts, get dressed, grab a quick bite of food to eat while traveling, and travel to my destination. Then I would work backwards from when I was supposed to be at work/school and figure out when I absolutely had to be up, at the latest. Then I would set multiple alarms for at least 3 15 minute increments before that and made sure Mom knew when my absolute latest time was. I had a knack for turning all those alarms off and then bolting out of sleep in a panic when Mom would knock on the door and shout "It's [whatever time]!"

This particular routine worked for me because showers tend to wake me up. I'm also pretty darn quick about my showers (as you've noticed) so I could do all I needed within a half hour. That being said, I usually need about 20 minutes of mindless internet surfing or makeup application before my brain actually wakes up.

My advice is to figure out what you absolutely must do each morning before arriving at work, figure out a rough estimate of time required for each task (overestimate), and work backwards to an appropriate "be up" time. From that point count back at least 8 hours and that gives you a sleeptime to aim for. Then you can start attempting to plan the rest of your life.

I've noticed over the years that my sleep cycle runs in increments of 3 hours. I am better rested if I sleep for exactly 3, 6, 9, or 12 hours. If my sleep is cut short I get groggy and cranky. Therefore, I plan for 6 hours of sleep, but if I can get 9, or better yet 12, then I do it.

I'd be glad to help with any step of this process, including a wake up call at the absolute latest "get up" time. It's not hard to set an alarm for myself, make the call, and then go back to sleep. I need to be moving towards a more day-oriented schedule myself, anyway.
2redpath5 From: 2redpath5 Date: November 13th, 2009 09:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have always been a night owl. I was always up all night on the phone with someone.
I lived across the street from the school and so my brain said I could sleep as late as I wanted and that I only needed ten minutes to get from my bed to my seat.
Needless to say, I was late every single day from 7th grade through HS.
(Aaaand I've been late everyday to every job I've had.) I know I hit snooze and I know my mom would turn on my light before she left for work, I don't think I ever put my feet on the floor while she was still home.

I don't remember staying awake for any classes, although I'm sure as the day went on I'd wake up at some point. I don't remember my parents getting calls or me getting in trouble for it.
I never ate before school and still have to FORCE myself to put something in my mouth before 4 PM.
The worst part of this rushing was that I never allowed myself GI motility time. So during first period, I was always sick to my stomach, and always had to go to the bathroom, which made me so nervous and more sick to my stomach. So basically I just remember having diarrhea during first period throughout HS. NICE.
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