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My morning routine throughout most of high school

My morning routine throughout most of high school was oddly effective at the time. I haven't entirely succeeded in devising or adopting a more effective one, and this month has reminded me of that quite distinctly.

The bus to the Magnet School would roll by an unofficial stop just up the hill from my parents house at around 0620. If I missed the bus, my mother would have to take me to school and be late for work (Later I had to option briefly of driving myself in that case). It's worth noting that I was, as I am now, given to staying up late. Those years I was pretty regularly staying up until 0300 or earlier watching bad telly, reading fiction, or fooling around on a computer.

At 530 or so the clock radio on the night stand would start blaring a buzzer noise as well as a local radio station (chosen for annoying disc jockeys) at full force. I'd reluctantly crawl out of ed and stumble into the bathroom to start the taps for a warm bath. while that was running I would grab a piece of toast (or the like) and then pretty quickly head back into the bathroom to ease myself into the tub. the tub would fill pretty quickly with me in it and so I'd have to turn off the taps soon after. Then I would fall back asleep.

And wake up again a few minutes later due to cold water and noisy provocation from one or both parents. I would have to get up, dry off and pull on some clothes, gather my books and job down the driveway and up the hill to get to the corner where the bus might pause ... but only if I was waiting.

And then, I would doze on the bus as it wound its way north, stopping at two other schools before finally reaching mine. I got better at waking up before my feet hit the flooring and dismounting quickly. I would be pretty drowsy through the first class most of those quarters, except perhaps on the exceptional days I could manage to buy a chikin™ biscuit from the gym's concession stand before they were all gone. The contrast between having Video Annual or Calculus first period was substantial.

Heading home was much the same, and I remember clearly having to wake, stand, and exit the bus to jog back down the hill ... when my feet were still "asleep" and I could not feel them at all. That was always a little weird.

This memory of 15YBP brought to you by my ongoing struggle with waking and dayshift. Remarks welcome, including those about your past or current morning routines.
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