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Insomnia post!

Aw, come on, you know you've been wanting one.

Tonight I am not reading another Sookie Stackhouse* novel and I shut off the video game of the moment (Torchlight, http;// is a perfect replacement for Diablo II with all of the gameplay mechanics, fixed, and a bunch more with nice 3d graphics and a clever story**). i had some caffeine with dinner and switched to water after one glass. (Last night I had Sprite™ wit my burger). I put on the sleep playlist, put the gaming machine to sleep, set myself awaya nd coaxed the cat to follow me to bed.

Two albums later the music has stopped and I didn't get to sleep. Brain hardly let up. In fact the hyperactive brain chatter seems worse now that I have landed a new job than when I was suddenly completely out of work and not sure how I was going to pay for things. New job starts next week. It's a big deal and I'm quite nervous. Probably need to buy some more clothes, for instance. I intend to work on that tomorrow ... even if I have to stay up all night.

Should I wear a hat to the office? There's one here for me to try. I have managed to talk myself out of buying a briefcase before I know what's going on over there ... these and other ponderings keeping me awake are brought to you by AMC's television show Mad Men, closing in on the end of their third season.

Much more exciting still is that they have a new property based on the quirky classic show The Prisoner coming out shortly:

So, since the is the first mention of it here: Yay, new job with awesome company.

* Charlaine Harris' novels about supernatural hijinks in north Louisiana are good vampire bodice-ripper fun. The HBO series True Blood is based on them, but they are quite different. I'm working through an ebook omnibus of the first eight books that I picked up at while I was drooling over their new e-book reader, nook, .

** I'm actually running Torchlight (from Steam) on Crossover Games 8 on either the Mac laptop or Ubuntu Karmic (64) on the gaming machine. My Win7 RC install is not long for this world and wouldn't cooperate, although it does run Eufloria*** quite nicely.

*** Eufloria is a fantastic casual strategy game that won some awards under the project name of Dyson, so it's at It's got a lovely soundtrack and is quite fun to play or just listen to. I'll go back to it soon and be playing with it long after I'm done with Torchlight.
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