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Ideas about what happened to Sidekick run wild

After reading ... I'm partly willing to believe this is the answer, perhaps running in cron every month:
* * 2 * /usr/gnu/bin/ruby -w /exports/home/user/apoc_check.rb
#!/usr/gnu/bin/ruby -w
## apoc_check : not a misnamed time check function, 
## but a preparation for the apocalypse

def unthinkable_has_happened?
  ## various checks to determine if world has ended, 
  ##  company has been sold to Microsoft,
  ##  stock price has dropped beyond a certain $
  ##  or your favourite unthinkable catastrophe has occurred

def destroy_all_data_irrevocably
  ## write pseudorandom data to the disk blocks 
  ##   that used to contain the master database control files,
  ##   indexes, backups, and other good stuff
  ## low level format the SAN, and any system drives, 
  ##   and replace the bootloader code
  ##   with something fun of your choosing. 
  ##   Remember, ASCII art is fun.

destroy_all_data_irrevocably if unthinkable_has_happened?
## eof
Although it probably wasn't written in Ruby or even in cron. I think my oversimplified example could represent an explanation, as suggested by Mr Dilger in the article linked at the top. Sadly that's not the most interesting thing in his writeup. I twittered this logic lesson quote to tease:

Asserting that it’s a ridiculous supposition is in no way disproving it.

and you'll just have to look at his piece to find out the topic or relevance and whether it has anything to do with meteorology.
eta: This one has some juicy hearsay including the name of a vendor:, but be warned the comments are almost unreadable.
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