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Monday lists

  • phil,
  • amanda,
  • brandi,
  • eden
    make list of crap to buy, prioritize:
  • clipboards
  • so-dimm (for Vicki) ~40
  • underwear
  • socks, and black socks
  • bobby pins
  • compass, case ~20
  • visor, phone, kb 200 + 100
  • hair stuff? (bands, scrunchies)
  • long sleeve tees (black)
  • pj bottoms (black or plural)
  • socks, and black socks
  • notebook hdd (for Brittney)
  • ULC card, placard (SOUL)
  • dad's cards, card case 5 + 10 = 15
  • something to hold the chopsticks
  • openbsd 3.0 ~50
  • DSL router ~30
  • lunch ...
bother clerk of court in Lawrenceville, Decatur get MVR from Moreland $6 ?
  • head unit, harness for 91 Ford
  • shocks for same
  • pulse meter (belt or wrist)
  • liability insurance
  • parts notebook (for Gwyn)
  • old scsi drives (for Liza, 30083)

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