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BESE tuition at FL Tech would be about 100K

This calculated from:

2008-2009.pdf Catalog:
B Engineering Software Engineering - 129 hours total
six to eight semesters of eight total for the degree


Engineering and Science majors $15,510/semester
Undergraduate Part-time and Summer $930/credit hour
Undergraduates registering for 20 credit hours or more $930/credit hour
University Alliance (undergraduate programs) $435/credit hour

From the school's Fact Card:
Estimated Science tuition:
$29,940 per year

and some maths from macirb:
>> 6 * 15510 ## six semesters
=> $93,060
>> 8 * 15510 ## eight semester
=> $124,080

or, by credit hour (for summer or other unusual circumstances)

>> 930 * 129 ## per hour
=> $119,970

So, as little as 93e3 USD in tuition (as much as 124e3 USD), plus books, fees, living expenses for six to eight semesters (approx three to four years), a place to stay ... oh and it's in Florida somewhere (and I am not at present). Southern Poly has a SE program here in Gawja but it does not compare to the FIT one in many ways, including the fact that Dr. Cem Kaner (who wrote or co-wrote most of the books in the field of software testing) teaches at FIT.
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