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TouchBook Community site?


Sorry to bug you again, but as the device starts to ship out and I get , er, hungrier for mine *g* I was wondering where the/a community site is. If y'all aren't going to run one, you might want to link to a 3rd party one someplace so users can talk to each other for support and, "did you get it yet" and well, flamewars and so forth.

I was around for most of that for OLPC's 2007 and 2008 G1G1 sales programs and it can get tricky for users and lawyers if several such sites pop up. We (OLPC volunteers) had a time of it before we got consensus and participation from 3rd party sites, particularly those critical of the project (Wayne's The Android community , for example, is a little fragmented but most of the best stuff seems to be over at xda-developers forums ... which are not user oriented. (T-Mobile forums are next best).

Google found this one for me, but it doesn't look very active yet:

Thanks again!

sent into their info@alias as a reply to one of the earlier mails
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