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In which Some Observations are disgressed from at some length

One of the reason I probably have had some much trouble with some of the fundamentals of object-oriented programming is that it is so dualistic and most of my theology is not. Surely this is why it took so long for me to finally start to get class methods and instance methods.

The remainder of my difficulty with that I blame on Java, though Ms LeMay and Mr Horton tried very hard to work through it.

Along those lines, has anyone translated the Blonde Girl Book (Head First Design Patterns
) into a less .... well into Python or Ruby, basically, although I'd take Smalltalk?

The random reboots that have been plaguing my G1 phonethingy recently were not alleviated by either newer JF firmware or Cupcake. Uninstalling various bits of unused software did not seem to have a reproducible effect. They do seem to have greatly reduced in occurrence when I leave the phone closed and play with the onscreen keyboard...

The Jetta exhibited odd non-debilitating software problems yesterday when I was trying to drive to an argument. We were completely unable to reproduce the behaviour after the mechanic touched it, but I did make sure the service rep saw it first.
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