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Minimal signs of progress

Well, I screwed around with the lab machine and the gaming box a whole much and accomplished two things: a fresh install of jaunty 64, kde4 on the gaming machine ... and broke both windows installs. Also, still no useful install on the lab machine. As I work my way down the slope trying different systems for drivers we are getting close to trying OpenBSD ... it's a Marvel Atheros 8335 pci wireless card. I'm just not bothering to type in the list of annoyances and complaints I have about the OSes and distros I have tried in the last week or so, but I do have a new reason to dislike git and it's advocates, so that was worth some of the ouchie.

Tried Braid demo (on Mac). That is one of the most amazing games I have ever had a crack at. It's pretty and clever (far too much so, I fear) and ... a platformer. It is probably the best platformer ever for those of us who aren't any good at them in it forgiving nature, but still ... Also wins the zaniest Donkey Kong implementation award, if there is one. Give it a try, even if you too hate platform (jumping) games.

Have messed around some more with DS Bimoji Training, LRNJ, and even painstakingly sounded out the first few pages of Yotsuba&!. I recognize a lot more than I did last time but still can't piece together hardly anything (mostly because my skills with Japanese writing, although meager, still far outpace my knowledge of the language).

There's been some telly, some magazines perused, cats chased, girls teased ... food palted oddly and metabolised, usw. Broke down and ordered a couple texts from Amazon market used dealers. Either of them could help me through a roadblock or two (one Kerberos networking, one LISP) and I'll be sure to let y'all know :)

There has been some walking. This is a substitute for indolence but not yet exercise, of which there has been none.

So, how's the summer (winter for a few of you) starting ?

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