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Odd side journey, now time for lunch

Before I go get my pizza from the fridge, I'll mention that while browsing for existing code or ideas in the Moodle transcript problem space, I found little of use. A fellow wrote a Moodle module (plug-in) a while back to do this for his school but the code is stale (doesn't work on current Moodle) and not available (CVS is empty on his sf project. He has updated the Moodle plug-in discussion in January and is aware of the version problem, at least. A broader search led me to a commercial Moodle host who doesn't want to talk to people who aren't hosting with them a site I had never seen before, RentACoder. and down the rabbit hole I went.

I registered (updating my bio blurb along the way) and started browsing the jobs posted on their escrow and fee bid-driven software market. I certainly learned about some new kinds of web scams and found a few small jobs to bid on that seemed doable. Okay one of them wasn't so small but I bid a lot so I think I'm safe either way. From there I found a link to a partner of their who does online testing, and I've taken a couple of their tests. Apparently I have lots more to learn about MySQL specific Date functions and logic operators. Good thing I don't ever use those myself ;)

And now, cold pizza and a refresh on tea.
Tags: moodle, rac

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