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I have, historically :), had trouble with interrupting people and joining their conversations univited. It's one of the things that made me so popular in middle school (cut to flashback to class meeting).

However, when the very animated conversation about current events going on three feet -> that way among three individuals would ordinarilly have drawn me in, I am listening quite closely, but have been unable to join in.

The complication is that it is less than half in English. It is not even that they intersperse non-English words and phrases, which would make sense in some contexts, and even I do sometimes. No, they switch between two different unrelated spoken languages seemingly at random. It is even less determinisitic than the way the Nipponese are infatuated with Latin characters and English words.

It is a fairly uncomfortable situation for me. I am usually discomfited by not knowing, well any particular thing, but particularly what is going on. I am getting only parts of the information that is being communicated, and the cryppie parts of brain and my aural nerve are conspiring to give me an idea of what is being discussed, but I have no reason to trust it much.

Also, it looks like I'll be hanging around here until the end of the year, barring better offers.

(They seem particularly upset by some sort of billing amnesty extended to soldiers and reservists for 90 days. No foreclosures and that sort of thing.. )

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