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Some job description blurbage, and a response

What is your job description?

I have been:

Software Developer


  • Data conversion and system integration for online examsim prototype.

  • Consulting, design, implementation of web framework (moocash) for org

  • Data retrieval and conversion for 2009 products, users, then imported into web framework

  • Additional features developed for org requirement (membership, membership numbers)

  • Web framework tweaks, user training

Computer Operator


  • Consulting, assisted design and implementation of new phone connections and phone system

  • consulting, assisted design and implementation of new network layout, new router

  • Consulting and Unix shell work on production web framework for performance

  • Assisted design and implementation of critical services (mail,web) for org and for new branding

  • Purchased and fetched small parts

I was a developer and network administrator at the previous incarnation of MMI. I co-developed the ExamSim engine which spawned two successful products and worked to continually improve network and computer services for all users continuing through the Contexo acquisition. Subsequently I was a System Administrator at a large web-hosting (computer services) company for two years.

With funding I would enjoy being, for example:

Network Administrator

salaried, benefits, budget, aka Chief of Technology

  • design, test, implement, document, support all computing and communications tools for business(es)

  • monitor and maintain all technology services

  • develop and deploy new tools to assist and enable existing and new business products and services

Lead Developer

salaried, benefits, budget, head of Products Development

  • provide tools and environment to enhance idea generation and product development

  • research potential new products and services

  • drive and oversee the development of approved products and services

ETA, post lunch: Now decently formatted in html rather than wiki.

Thank you [adric], you express yourself in an eloquent fashion. Perhaps we will
pave over your tech bumps and humps and turn you into a book author/editor
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