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The days, they have not been going all that great, even starting then after 12 noon. Of course this makes a convincing argument for not getting out of bed before noon the following day ...

My head is filling up with slime again, and it only leaks out slowly.

Managed to stay in bed this morning rather than making an insomnia post. I had been home for a couple hours wearing down my hands and brain on video game du jour, with an occasional IM when the SO realized that I had pushed a task forward a day without telling her. She came close to renewing the previous nights emotional disagreement vaulting off of that. Both the forgetting and how much upset she was throwing at me were upsetting to me ... and so I was no longer in any place to sleep. I took my stiffening fingers back into the game for a couple more hours, and then crashed, laying in bed contemplating the post for only a few minutes before passing out.

Deliberately passing both alarms, I am awakened in the 1 o'clock hour by the roommate, who needs a favour on my way into "work" ... more on the latter in a bit.
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