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What's tiny yellow and terrifying?

So, the interview with the PI was pretty interesting. His firm is investigating due to some arbitration between a customer of my former employer and their former service provider. They had moved in while I was on staff and so gave my name along with some others.

I didn't really have any specific knowledge on the questions of fact and motive he's researching, which is actually for the best. I was able to provide some gossip and some feeling about the story he presented (bogus), and explain a lot about a couple technical points about how customers are migrated and the typical setup for a larger content hosting customers and the issue of root access.

Aside from that he was impressed with my communication skills and pretty much told me I should be in his business. He explained that he works with and even employs lots of techs, but most of them don't explain things in terms other humans can understand. We talked a little bit about the forensics field, and he gave me a couple tips about breaking into it (finish college, enCase certification). His story about how he found his way into the business was pretty interesting as well.

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