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Funny thing that just crossed my desk

from the American Medical Association, Allah's peace be upon them, in "cpt distribution license appln.doc".
4. Redistribution of CPT material alone is not permitted; licensed products must

include additional code-level content (i.e., content that appears when codes

are displayed). For example, in an electronic medial record, the added content

would be the patient encounter information such as date, patient name, and

. List the additional code-level content that will be contained in the


So, basically, in these terms you have to include HIPAA protected patient data (PHI) in order to satisfy AMA's licensing. That's ... funny. I wonder if anyone has told Medicare about that, or if others have complied, if any of them have been busted. Yet.

For expats and foreigners, I'll note that HIPAA is a big ol' bundle of legislation passed by the US Congress in the late 1990s that set up guidelines for protecting the privacy and security of healthcare data the the US. It's mandatory, and violations are Federal crimes with big penalties for organizations and individuals. AMA is merely the largest lobbying organization in the USA and they hold the copyright over the procedure codes used by the entire US healthcare system.
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