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blank wiki page, natch

Now unlocked, previous title: Maybe this will get me fired.
Signs point to yes .. but I'v quit first.

Admin note on a ticket I was working (note, this guy is the president, my boss' boss):

admin to admin, from [president] - 01/30/2009 20:51:02[view source] 24.x.y.z [Adric]
...what's up with the note about "no wiki"? Not every customer has a wiki page, and in fact, only the larger customers have a wiki page.

Figure it out. search tickets. I already know what the problem just from searching tickets - either way, just fix it NOW and keep your sarcastic comments out of admin notes. There is no place for that at [corp]. Should you accidentally not select admin to admin and say something smart, that would not be good at all.

I called my boss and yelled at him some, apologetically. I reminded him he should get a better job. My response in email (cc'd my boss) is thus:

Your ironic note made me furious and in no way helped us help the customer.


Helpful data point: the customers that have wiki pages have them for the most part because I wrote them or salvaged them. This customer has been here for three weeks and dozens of tickets.

After I had told the customer more useless things, my boss Jabbered in with a good clue and we got it fixed for now. I thanked him.

After the president guy called the office blustering and ordered me to meet with him Monday (four hours after my shift), (Even on the phone he was interrupting me when I was saying "don't you understand that that is how you made me feel?") I called my boss back and asked him if should work out the weekend ... he left it up to me. And in the meantime, president guy responded to my earlier mail, and that sealed it handily. Emails out of order, but read down for the "good stuff"


I'll work out the weekend and hand over my badge to you or William Monday
morning. Let me know if there are any other details we need to take care of before

I resign effective immediately and will work out the rest of my week.

Sorry for all the excitement and I'll ttys,
---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------


I'm responding to this because I don't want you worrying all weekend and
being depressed and useless to customers. My intentions on Monday are not
to make it your last day...but to explain further and make you aware of the
thin ice you are treading on.

[president guy]
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