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Some odd tidbits that don't sum to anything yet

Joined the gym that's a block from the house.

Had a really great time hanging out with an engineer, a couple of expats, and a friend into the late hours Friday morning. Also, we watched the pilot for Kindred: The Embraced and loudly discussed the rules they were flexing. Fun.

Did not get frozen beef, chicken or fish to cook for the week. Kroger is 24 hours and I was having trouble orienting myself in that Publix. Did get some corn and frozen "vegetables"**, brought some corn, kosherdogs, tuna pouches, and rice pouches into work. Need to scrounge up a tea bag..

Finished the first novel in the (first) Black Company tome with relish. I devoured it almost as quickly as the chocolate-covered pretzels I found in the pantry. The author, Glenn Cook, was quite the gift for character, dialogue, and has a wonderful sneakiness about him. Even when he leads you along, he manages to make the reveal interesting... and that was just book one. I started directly into book two after a breath, but then decided I should try and get a flyer from the gym.

The politico-historical ramble we spooled through while the girls were massaging each others' muscles was great, not just for informative content or even the humour, but for it's oddly inspirational energy. Oh and the reminder of how much I want to flee, even without any destination...

** Corn, potatoes as well as some carrots and other crap. *shrug*

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