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Work in progress

The alternate title for this post is "Terrorists don't get laid.".
which quote is attributed to vidicon.
Some points to hit in the propaganda and advertising blitz:

  • a little Quoranic scholarship (Q-LART)

    • Murder is to be punished by death, except when
      the aggrieved forgives the murderer (from S.2 A.178)<\li>
    • "Forgive and overlook [the People of the Book]" (S.2 A.109)
      As much time as the Quoran spends elaborating on the crimes of Jews
      and Christians(!), it is quite clear that their chastisement and fate
      is in God's hands, and that they are to be left alone as best they can be.

    • The murderer of innocents is not a Muslim, no matter what reason
      he may give, and it does not matter if he holds true to the Five Pillars.
      He disobeys the commands of God and risks damnation. (This theme is common
      to religious texts of all major monotheistic world religions, so there's no
      quote just yet.)

    • The final point here is that since these people are not Muslim, we need a new name
      for them. I'm taking suggestions, and generally looking for things that are punnily
      simillar to Muslim but silly sounding. I started with Muppet™ and got to Moppet,
      which is fairly silly...

    • a poster : 5 out of 5 major world religions say you're going to Hell (or worse)
      for this. Worth the risk?

  • "Terrorists don't get laid"

    • in which we discourage the selection of state-sponsored terrorism as a career field

    • point shere include the harsh schedule, poverty, lack of social connections
      and other hardships

    • our main point is that they miss out on life entirely, and what little time
      they do have is spent in misery and paranoia

    • this would hopefully include a day in the life segment from a training camp,
      complete with early rising, lots of unrewarding labor, lousy food, no plumbing
      or amenities and being bombed to component atoms by Allied forces before you even
      get to strike.

  • Cowardice

    • in which the smallness inherent in any animal that would do such a thing is discussed at length<\li>
    • What would your mother think?

    • a lot of well-crafted name calling

    • personal challenges made by American computer geeks to the responsible parties,
      being slapped by a glove on the Net in large type

    • pasty-porn: in which known and suspected terrorists and supporters are photographed in
      compromisng positions with farm animals and each other, courtesy of the GIMP


  • sound reasons not to attack America or Americans:

    • We have lots of nuclear weapons and little else to do with them.

    • We need a good war to boost the economy and restore faith in the government.

    • It pisses off all of the people who import almost everything we buy from (Asia, et al)

    • Thanks to NATO, you are now at war with the entire Western World. This may sound like a good thing, but it really isn't...

    • Yamamoto quote: sleeping giant, terrible resolve..

    • Carefully note the status of the Imperial British, German, Japanese and Spanish Empires, the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, and perhaps Kuwait and the Korean Peninsula for good measure.
    • .. need more ..

OT:Oh, and a diplomatic policy that equates state sponsorship of terrorism not with embargoes, sanctions and
cruise missles but with large radioactive craters where cities once were. Terrorist attacks on civilain targets
and other declarations of war will each and every time be rewarded with a city being completely destroyed.
It started with the Japanese. Who wants to be next?


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