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Knot, untangled

All of this, more or less, was behind the upstairs couch, in one massive tangle with the couches' own cables. In several sessions, I worked all of the cables loose and put them aside. Now they just need to be bagged or boxed and I can put the couches in place, finally.

Also done tonight, many loads of laundries, and crap stirred about upstairs around Dr Who (Christmas Special) and Tomb Raider (Anniversary). Still have not found where I put the PSP power cord, which is irksome. More so because even Amazon doesn't seem to have one for sale ...

Having reread all of the Dune books by Frank Herbert (pere) I am with no slight trepidation reading through the conclusion to the saga cooked up by his son Brian Herbert (fili) and professional fanfic writer Kevin J. Anderson. I've read one of the two concluding volumes, and ... will keep reading to see how much worse it gets what happens.

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