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fisher King, Ironman, Mummy 3, Bond? と しょじょ と しょねん

The Fisher King
Although I am uncertain of many things about this film, I can assure you that it is Terry Gilliam, even had the opening credits not informed me. Worth seeing, of course .. but I'm not fully certain I can explain why.

Mummy 3: Jet Li
Or whatever the title was. Previous to the jumping sharks yetis, I was going along with this movie due to it's fast pace and gorgeous costuming. I was merely amused by the long stretches of dialog in Mandarin (?) with no subtitles and the weak writing. But oh gods, Evie looked amazing in that gown and the fight choreography for the scenes Jet Li is actually in is breathtaking. By the time one of the yetis signals a field goal, I had stopped trying to care, and was just watching the little cursor track rightward. In several ways the closing credits are better than the movie. Mr. Li and Ms Yeoh were excellent in their minimal roles, and did not deserve to be in this truly poor movie. And all of that is without addressing any of the Western v. China material. Or even suggesting that archaeology was involved.

Finally watched this last week at some insistence and it was really well done. I was more pleased than expected by many things, including the last cameo.

  • Shonen: A few episodes (31-33) of Soul Eater (ソウ ルイタ). As the season two plot climbs, character development battles will shortly give way to battles with the enemy.

  • Shojo: The third season of Zero no Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔). Since this one is shojo (hybridized), the battles mix in around the character development. Much of it is saccharine but there have a few moments of genuine drama in this show, and I expect a few more. I am of course rooting for シエスタちゃん in no small part (ha!) because ルイズちゃん is sooooo irritiating.

  • I found a torrent of several CDs worth of audio something from ZnT and extracted, reencoded, split, tagged ... the soundtrack album. i even made a torrent for it, but no one seems interested *sniff*.

  • As a follow on to listening to the audiobook of Dune, i have been reading through the books in the original saga. I've just started God Emperor of Dune this weekend. I'm certainly getting more out of them than my first sprint through however long ago.

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