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Things nearly said to customers, new entry:

customer actually wrote:

Please look for access into ct/ and /ept from i.p.s outside spain for last 3 weeks.

And I started to write:

In short it doesn't really work that way. For one thing, everyone using the sites might access the ct or ept folders, and from a quick search it looks like some legitimate users might POST to them as well, so that is going to be pretty hard to search. More difficult is this nebulous idea of IPs not from Spain ... that's

And stopped short of typing: "not a finite set".

Bonus humour: coworker, upon reading this, asked: "What's whith all the acronyms? What's an IPS?"

Now back to finding something to get this guy off my back so I can finish watching オアヂシオん ...

ETA: Holy hell that movie is cracked. And the trailers on the disc are for four(?) more cracked Asian horror flicks (Infection, Eye 2, Ju On ...), the collectors remastered box set of American Psycho and some movie about waiters. Special features include a creepy photo gallery and clips of Rob Zombie saying this movie creeped him the f-- out. Yay!
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