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Beer battered fish and chips from O'Keefe's Gastropub

Entree, $12. Two sizable pieces of fried tillapia came plated with a small portion of seasoned chips as well as a few crisps and a finger bowl of sauce The tillapia was fried well such that the thin skin flaked off easily and the fish itself once bared gleamed in the light. The fish was soft smooth textured and very mild tasting with no overwhelming fishy smell or taste. The crisps were quite good if sparse and the chips were ... lightly spiced french fries but good as that. The sauce, listed in the menu as malt vinegar, did have a vinegar base but was sweet to the taste as well. It did nothing for the spiced 'chips' but dunking forked bits of tillapia into it was quite rewarding once tried. Including my tea and the tip the bill was 18 USD. The server was friendly, if clueless.

Verdict:BOverall quite good and possibly worth the price as an entree (This was certainly some of the best tasting fried fish I have ever tasted!), but cannot be mistaken for the sizable plank of less tasty fish and bucket of chips that can be got nearby for around $6. And that place, which is actually a pub, knows to garnish the bucket with lemon slice and put a bottle of malt vinegar on the table.

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