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Experimental Log: Cream of Fiesty Tomatos Soup?

Shook 1 can condensed tomato soup product into small pot, gently whisked in nearly a can of milk until it smoothed out and the color changed dramatically, turned on fire at low heat. Added: a few sprinkles of onion powder, a liberal shaking of garlic powder, a generous shaking of chili oil and a a good dose of ground black pepper. More gentle whisking, brought the heat up some.

It almost goes without saying that I woke up before noon, for no reason, after crashing at 6:30.

Minutes later: Soup is hot. Whisk-stirred a little more and then turned off heat and decanted resulting solution into mug. Plated with a few butter biscu crackers. Taste is interesting so far ... Wish me luck.

Preliminary finding: Cautious success based consumption of half of the sample. The creamy texture of the tomato soup is intact but is complicated by the grains of pepper (and what all else) that lurk within. Chili oil supplemented by pepper gives it a sneaky slow burn that in addition to the light heat of the soup itself is helping to warm me up. I think I shall call it Cream of Fiesty Tomatos .
Tags: food

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