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Oh, what a night. Also, paging Govenor Gerry.

I think the most dangerous blow was that, once driving back to Alpharetta from Norcross with the gas we passed stations in Alpharetta that now had gas (although they did not on our first pass by them).

Next most awful was the Shell at Jimmy Carter and Buford Highway? that was lit up, had numbers on the signs, no sacks on the pumps .. but the pumps were switched off and their were no humans in evidence.

Skipping the rest, I would like to congratulate QuikTrip for their honest and helpful behaviour in this manufactured crisis. I did not encounter any QT that was dishonest or gouging (all were charging 3.97). Of the three Shell stations I interacted with in the first part of this week, one was fine, one vacant, and the third (just west of 400 at Holcomb Bridge) was gouging, charging 4.50/gallon rather than the 4.19 on the sign. BPs have been out of gas entirely, save for the one whose malfunctioning pump prompted the adventure.

In other news, several of you have linked to a map of how the US Congressional districts voted on the "bailout". It is here in the New York Times. Maybe it's just the volume of data, but I can't make any useful inferences from this piece of abstract art. Has anyone else done better?
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