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Too busy to post?

You win some, you lose some. (Except in the economy or the presidential race, where everyone loses). Example: Kraft EZ Mac™ Mac n' Cheese microwavable single serve tubs are a tasty evil, complete with styrofoam to throw in a bin for extra oomph. The Hamburger Helper singles are ... well, the cups still go in a landfill, but I'm not sure you should open, heat or eat them first. Not so great. In related news, trying to eat a little better at work (or cheaper at least) is just leading to more snacking, as the meals aren't filling. On the other hand we haven't run out of Tootsie Roll Pops™.

Lots of weird dreams lately, at least a few of which involved my mom. No, not Your Mom.

Webcomics and stories have been great lately. Do check out the short fiction piece on XKCD's blag page. Tales of MU's latest cliffhanger was just mean.

The whole two weeks per week, three jobs, two relationships (at least) continues to .. amuse? crowd out sleep? I seem to be spending more time in 'Phretta than Norcross lately. If that keeps up I may have to relocate the cat. I wonder how she'll take to the Roomba? (Roomba needs a name, too).

Fooled around with the 1.0 beta Android SDK in Eclipse some, and despite the Java have managed to get a few tiny things working, barely. Cannot figure out how to use the NotificationManager services, although I was able to make Toast. The emphasis of the XML resource files for GUI construction combined with the lack of a working GUI builder ... does not amuse. I'm also not fully getting the app/package/signing/install model and I'm afraid when I do I won't be happy. I'm really hoping for something with a little more flexibility than Sidekick offers, and hopefully more than Apple begrudges

Oh well, it was cheaper than a new Sidekick. More on that as it develops. I better check on those RAIDs, since I have to do more $work when they finish building.

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