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Retiring my EVE pilot

My EVE pilot (toon,clone) is too much like me, in so many ways. She has a little knowledge, minimal skills, a few possessions, and some tools which are only impressive in that they are better than what we started with. She has cash and no debt, which puts her one up on me.

I logged off of EVE quite upset one night some weeks ago after I had to back out of a mission that I couldn't do in my ship (too big). This was not advertised in the mission and failing the mission cost me credit with the corp I have been doing the same stupid missions for my entire time in system. It set me back about 10 crap missions, and it wasn't my fault, just a game design glitch / misfeature, one unique to EVE, I think.

Since then I had not logged on until tonight, not having felt any draw to it at all. And after hanging out in chat for a couple hours with most everyone I know in-game ... nothing has changed. I had a brief chat with my corp leader and she was friendly and encouraging, but not really helpful. She offered support in whatever I wanted to try and do, which was sweet of her, but didn't suggest anything for me to do. So, I cashed out the few things I had managed to create (sold 1500 RP worth of MechE Cores) and then dumped my cash reserves into the corp's main account (250 M Iskies). I don't think she'd noticed that when I logged off, so I hope it will be a pleasant surprise. :D The transaction memo field is "ennui".

I have enough jobs out here, and some of them even pay. I met a few cool people there who I wouldn't mind running into in some other 'verse, but ... Grind is dumb and grind without achieving anything is really dumb. Linearity and being on a rail is dumb .. but not having goals or a path is pointless. The "fun" part is supposed to be playing with other people, but I didn't see much of that in this game, any more than in the others I've tried. Don't worry game designers, it's almost certainly me.

Maybe I swing back by Hello Kitty Mystery Island some night this week and check up on folks there.
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