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nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)

Podcast listening, too (yes more MCU)

Brave Men Run: really amazing, fun characters, interesting backstory, the 80s

Black Jack Justice, Season 1:, Vic : Noir done well, with lots of sneaky extra laughs

EscapePods: foo and bar, pervert, t. rasa, doggie voice (raw) is worth the listen or the giggles

PodCastles: barbie giggle? cup and table!

and Non-podcasts:

Planet Terror !

よつばと! ... とちゃんだめ。。。。ええええ?

BSG: Season 4 (snagged "free" eps of Psych, Eureka, BSG, and Monk)

Ed: Been queued for weeks and growing steadily, I'm posting this list of notes so as to stop putting off the post.
Tags: mcu

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