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Why am I up now again? (also MCU)

But first kibble for all *nomnom*.

Books: The first three Honor Herrington novels by David Weber.

Movies: Saved!, Blacula and 30 seconds of Weirdsville before someone gonged it hard.

Games: I mopped up NWN: "Darkness over Daggerfall" and have hacked into the fascinating NWN:"A Dance with Rogues". I tried out demos of shareware "Depths of Peril" and "Eschalon Book I" and gave up on each after one short play session. Although they are both interesting and quite well done, neither caught my attention. Both had Mac binaries available, so yay them.

The Honor books are fun reads and I recommend them as pulp, as many others have before me. The battle tactics get fairly detailed as does the pseudo-science. Also, Weber is no R. R. Martin, but be careful what you attach to in book one before you understand the pattern. Also that has to be the thinnest allegory of 1980s Soviet (CCCP) expansionist Socialism I have ever seen in print.

Saved! is a pretty good movie and you may enjoy it. I might have. It is billed as a dark comedy, but I'm not sure that overall it was the least bit funny. It may have ended up feeling more accurate. It certainly has the most straightforward attack on contemporary American (US) mainstream (Protestant) religious culture. Failing that two of the young women are stunningly cute, and that makes the "prom dress" scenes quite pleasant.

Blacula was remarkable, and will probably have to be seen to be believed. I think even fans of -sploitation flicks are a little surprised by their exposure to this one, but perhaps that was just me.

NWN: "Darkenss over Daggerfall" This awesome if slightly unpolished module resulted from a premium module contract which was declined by Bioware just before it was finished and QAed. It pleasantly reminds one of Baldur's Gate (world map!) and even with it's tiny glitches was much more fun than my exposure to NWN2 has been. Definitely worth a go and might even have some replayability.

NWN : "A Dance with Rogues": This roleplaying module is tricky but has amazing depth of story, and I've only started to plumb the depths of the first chapter. If you get into a fight it's best to just Restore, although I did finally kill that damned watchdog after it followed me across town(!).
Also, mind your alignment. Even accidentally killing a civilian will quickly turn the townspeople against you... and that's damned inconvenient. Requires a new female rogue with Cha 14+ and Dex 14+ to start.
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