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A work rant or something more?

I physically can't stand having to take responsibility for things I didn't break and can't fix. This is no exaggeration as previous coworkers can testify, or could the stomachache and headache I have now. **

So, this job, much like the one before it, is making me sick. Obviously I need to look for another job, but it should be in the same line? Also obvious is that I have personal problems to work on that exacerbate this.

I'm immodest to the point of self-immolliation. So please don't mistake the accuracy of : I am a damn good system administrator and not because I have mad skills or am really good at it. Instead I am paranoid, considerate, and lazy ... and that combined with a little knowledge makes me a much better SA than smarter people who can code rings around me. I always try to backup things before I make changes, test the changes before moving on, and then document the changes as best I can. I try and push everything to the latest stable version of anything without disrupting service. I always think about the security implications of everything and try and explain them. Oh, and I actually like helping people. Yes, even users, so long as they are working with me and not against.

I can't "not care" or stop trying to make things better. I do try to work myself out of a job by trying to solve problems and document things so that I and the users can move on to solve better problems. And I don't want to just get along. What the hell would be the point of that?

I bitch and whine far too much. This doesn't move others to do what is already their shirked responsibility, nor did politely asking, nagging, or setting a good example. What else can I do?
It's pretty well established that the culture here is poisonous and counter-productive. How do you change culture?

So, am I in the wrong line of work, or just working with the wrong group of people?

And yet again this particular Garbage track...

** Expanded From Twitter: Alerts fire, services are impaired. Try and tech services themselves but they are an undocumented hacker project we have in production for a couple of our customers. Fails to restore service. Reboot some affected machines, no improvement. Tech individual service with netstat, grep, and restart it. No change, alerts still screaming. Call the guy who built it and wake him up. He tells me never to restart that service(!) and which server is down. Reboot affected server a couple times from con. Nope. Halt it and let it Cool Down a few, boot it, comes up. Alerts close, life resumes. Twittered: Called magician, told me what to do to get his undocumented unsupportable storage hack back online. I get to keep the stomachache, headache
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