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Hail Eris. *ring*

Once more I am the** the guy taking phone calls for a major problem that I didn't cause and can't fix, speaking politely and jovially to our customers, missing calls because I'm already on the phone.

The ephiph--adrenaline is already starting to upset my stomach, and it's just started. *twitch* *ring* *drops tea bag to answer phone*

I really don't like this. I really don't like having responsibility for things I can't fix. It's one of my biggest problems with this crappy industry... it's what makes me crazier, and it's no good for my digestion either.

So, since you didn't ask: The nameservers went missing, we know about it, and they know about it, are ostensibly working on it already and I don't have an ETA.

** this time there is one (!) other guy, but he's not here in the NOC having gone over to try and be ready to help

0:30And we're back up. Phone calls continue, and the recriminations have started. About that tea...
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