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Two replies to one little email?

I wrote:

> Would you have the time to work up a Mediawiki style for the documentation wiki
> that matches the new design, logo, and colors for [OurCorp]?
> It's pretty simple for those of you who get CSS :) There is way too
> much detail on it here:
> I can drop you a wiki somewhere if you need one to try stuff on
> (although from that link it looks like you can do as a user as well).
> I don't want to disturb the production one (or [Admin]) with this just
> yet.
> While I'm thinking, the [other intranet] pages probably need design love too,
> but I don't have anything to do with that :)

And I got back two responses. One from the guy I mailed saying:
No prob [adric]. Just set up a wiki for me and I'll mess around with it.,
which (yay!) is the most positive response I could have hoped for..

And another from Da Boss saying:
Should you have a request like this in the future, please send it to ME.

to which I've responded:
Certainly. I'm not ready to ask you about this item yet, but I certainly
didn't mean to cause any trouble.

So, uh, can I still work with the designer on this, or would it better if I never spoke to him again?

Later: A coworker explains that it looked like I was overstepping my bounds and recommended that I should have covered my ass more first by bothering the current wiki admin about this (He doesn't care). He also noted that I'm not good at playing the game, and I agreed that I'm not even sure what that means.

We talked a little bit about the contrasting ways we are working on projects here, and it didn't help me much. Another good point was that the request to the design guy would have been more informal in person, say in the smoking lounge. This is true, and I thought of it before mailing him, but I don't ordinarily see him other walking past his office on the way out in the morning on Mondays.

Thus it is concluded prematurely that not striving is being lazy and gets you yelled at, and trying to actually push anything proactively gets you yelled at. Also, I am reminded that getting responsiblity for the wiki would involve having more contact with Da Boss who I .. (hate ?) ... don't enjoy speaking with (check the work tag
in this lj for more gems). Between those it pretty much scraps that plan. Which sucks overtly.

Can't quit, don't have new job
ESC:%s/job/car payment/
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