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LJ: trading card, gotta $verb them all

Trading Cards
Permanent Account Edition
User Number: 71426
Date Created:2001-03-09
Number of Posts: 781

Providing confusion, odd humour, and typos since Innovox was a real place.
Strengths: Cryptic posting. Antecedent avoidance. Occasional odd photos.
Weaknesses: Posts are often difficult to understand, even by the author. And those are the ones in English. ホんとは!
Special Skills: Muttering and mumbling in several languages. Three dots in Knowledge: Arcana (Computers), Daily Power: Curmudgeon
Weapons: Multiple perspectives, Bitter sarcasm, Cowardice, Long-term optimism
Mottos Past and Present: Insane Gallifreyan Luggage Tester, Practicing Life (When Not Asleep), Defective Unit, Out of Warranty, yljatlhQo'! QIch lo'laltbebej!, Mouth Noises, A Distinct Lack of Motivation

Make your own LiveJournal Trading Card!
Brought to you by crossfire
Tags: meichi, meme

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