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Grocery partial success!

1 big can of tea and a turkey sandwich have me feeling less crashy if swelling a bit. Trying to choke down the nummy crisps now. Mm salty .. they are "cracked peppercorn and sea salt" and I am out of tea oh nos!

Handy tip for keeping the grocery bill down, particular for us single, HoH fools. Do not under any circumstances grab a cart. The little hand basket could only hold so much, and was getting awfully heavy by the time I had the kibble in my other hand. I did forget to get a few things, and return trip will be required next week, but I'm pretty happy overall. Got garbanzos and they even have a simple hummus recipe on the wrapper. Just about fifty bucks, which is not too bad.

In a notably good mood this morning despite having got up early after sleeping the whole night .., shortly after having slept the whole day. I dunno either, but it was nice.

I've been futzing at a old Thinkpad my dad bought off of (or the like). It's doing pretty well for it's age, but I can't say the same for Windows 2000. I'm pulling a Ubuntu DVD to give it a try on there and to try and confirm my suspicions about the wireless card they sent him with it. Unfortunately that and all the patches and stuff the machine needs preclude me from breaking "the internet" which I need to do to play with routers and get things set up better. There are two routers and two DSL modems in the kitchen, and only one of each is active at the moment, which is lame.

sotto_voce had some good work news today , yay!

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