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more biz plan stuff

from dead tree skins:

service contracts

  1. 25/mo s/w maintainance (patches)
  2. 25/mo h/w maintainance (onsite replace/repair in real time)???
  3. 25/mo log/beacon svc
  4. 25/mo pager alerts (req C)
  • 1200 -> 1k on annual contract
  • 300 -> 250 quarters
    basic config is 500/unit installed
  • 3 legged
  • nat all, stateful
  • anti-spoof
  • web admin from int(green) net only

    additional config (eg tunnels) is hourly at 75/hour

  • tunnels
  • pinholes/passthrus
  • portsentry?
  • et al

NB:tunnels all but require static IP on at least one side


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