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Ow ow ow ow ow.

That's definitely going to bruise.

Someone just asked me to run away with them, and I just can't, can I? she's not offering to pry open any of my traps, or any certainty of outcome ... so run yes! her? now?? .... .... .... ....

Following that up I spent a couple hours accumulating certainly that I can't even go visit. Recall if you might how I recently aborted a planed domestic trip due to , well, being broke and not having a good plan. Well, I'm more broke than I realized then, and haven't gotten any better with the travel sites at finding the mystical cheap fares... Lol, AmEx points might get me half of a one way ticket.

I feel trapped here, but I'm trapped in me, by choices I made that all seemed good at the time, and don't even look all that bad now and it's pretty hard to gnaw my way out of that. Of course it hurts to try, so I stop .. and then I remember it hurts not to try ... and clinically speaking, hillarity ensues.

Going to go get a coffee and try to shake this a bit before my meeting, which was going to be a little weird anyway before that happened.

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