January 3rd, 2011


Dear frozen green beans,

I have been composing this short note over and over again in my head these last few days and it isn't getting any better. I really enjoyed the lunches we had together the weekend of Yule and hope you did too. I would like to get together for lunch or tea sometime soon, really I would, but I just cannot commit to a five pound bag (such as offered by CostCo) right now.

It not you, and it really is me. I'm so new to this idea of being with vegetables ... especially green ones ... I need to take it slow. 4 or 8 ounces at a time seems to be the most I can handle right now.

I hope you understand and aren't too upset.

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AC asks how to learn testing?

ed note: replying to AC on /. again. Yeah, I know...

Software testing is an entire profession including having its own graduate programs, but there are lots of resources to help you get started from books and online, just poke around.

There are books just about testing (TCS), books about integrating testing into a development methodology(Agile and Scrum include testing), and plenty of books on specific testing technologies (JUnit, Cucumber, ...). Most modern languages/toolkits include at least some support for basic software testing (unit or functional) such as Perl, Python, Ruby or have it readily available such as JUnit for Java, NUnit for C#. For testing web applications go look at Selenium, a great package of tools for web testing that includes browser plugins.

And *plug* I've had great experiences with the online resources including low-cost online classes available from the AST, at http://www.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/ The BBST courses are very informative and quite challenging. */plug*