May 1st, 2009


On DW: Evidence of progress? Unlikely

Last night after exercising some at the gym I went for some protein at Waffle House. While eating my eggs and grilled chicken (they slipped some toast and potatoes on to the plate as well) and sipping water, I started scribbling in a notebook that I had brought with me. The first few things were todo list items and reminders of that sort. Then, I started writing with a couple sentences I had composed in the car.

I scribbled 16 pages into that little notebook continuing well after the pie was gone. Marveling at that and starting to feel the chill I checked out and headed home, where I typed in and posted that piece. It's 2300 words of ... something, certainly more writing than I have done in five years (including nanowrimo attempts). I have some ideas for follow up pieces. We'll see if any of them pan out.

I ate the soup and sandwich I ordered for lunch Wed without taking anything off of it. It was awfully yummy soup, actually. I have had breakfast and stretched out almost every morning of the last month or so, have added real fruit juice into my diet and (redacted) almost daily. The cats get fed almost every day. I have even done some work, and gotten paid a little for it. I did a writing exercise the other Monday afternoon and wrote a page and a half.

The contrast between these events and my quality of life at the beginning of my livejournal ... certainly seems positive.

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