January 19th, 2009


Slight incidence of productivity, results inconclusive

I managed to bang on my data conversion code for a few hours today and made some progress with that (Yep, I actually have to go check where I stopped at: ah yes, we are writing out the header but no data, probably due to a faulty search...), solved a few customer problems here in the NOC, and then dived back into the online class (BBST) I'm in his month. And got zero Japanese studied for tonight's session (that's three weeks of no progress there? Shimata!).

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** The last time this happened was not coincidentially the last time I was enrolled in a college class. It went poorly somewhere in the middle and only through the efforts of sotto_voce and the professor did I stay in the stupid class, which was not worth the time, money, or tears****.

*** Possibly non-fiction. Officially water and I have detente, a mutual non-aggression pact.
**** Mine, non-fiction. The professor's tears would have been for his sick wife.