January 2nd, 2009


experimental results?

While I was scurrying around the house fixing food, cleaning, tidying, and organizing, reading dreck**, or playing video games, there was no sign of the chatterbrain. However, after 10 hours of that, as soon as I finished the book**, it kicked in fierce, yammering doubts and recriminations about, well, everything. I was somehow able to out last it and get to sleep, after a few false starts. This did not increase my like of the CancerFoam™ bed much.

What a week. Finding rather belatedly that most of my plans for Wed were quashed, I took the day off unannounced and played Mass Effect (of which more later). That went pretty well overall, but I didn't mind my food intake, and otherwise ended up staying up too late, and then oversleeping .. thus trading Thur for nothing. Crawling out of bed Friday morning midnightish, I began the cooking and housecleaning described above..

**I finished the two-volume proposed conclusion to the classic Dune saga. Not only was it really just not any good, but it calls into question the greatness of the original work by association. This is pretty devastating (Dune is important!), and did not help me get to sleep or rest, I wager. Anyway, I have made the sacrifice, so hopefully no one will ever have to. Ask if you like but I'll not waste the energy here to explain how disappointing it was, nor risk sinking back into it. I'll be trying to wash the taint away with selected readings from the Dune Encyclopedia. Oh and Chobits episodes.
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