August 10th, 2008

Mac OS X

Well that was unexpected

Apple's Calendar Server is available in Debian Lenny and seems to Just Work™ in it's simplest configuration (flat files, no directory). Behold:

Just apt-get install calendarserver and follow the Readme.Debian to get this directory-less version going, including SSL . Seems they wrote it in the Twisted framework for Python :)

On the other hand, having completed a source install of RT's new 3.8 from svn, I get Apache Server Error Codes (no logged errors, just the error pages). Going to try that with a little less (mod)Perl and see if that helps...
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Quick straw poll on world affairs

Poll #1238161 Quick, where are the wars?

Name some place(s) there is open war, and we'll try and collect them all! Completeness over correctness, as we don't want to leave any one out.

I'll start with some easy ones: Georgia, Sudan, Afghanistan, ...

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