August 8th, 2008


This week on naked in the kitchen before dawn..

*snort* I wasn't sleeping anymore anyway and a zoomie kitty was insistent that I get out of bed, so..

i came on downstairs and put on some water for mac'n'cheeze (after washing the pot). As the water heated up I adjusted my ribbons, somewhat askew from sleeping and bathing yesterday (It's weird having something on my finger again after so long...). While the pasta was trying to boil over** I worked up the cheeze sauce and checked on the telly. It had reverted to the DVD menu (Alas, these Rebelde discs have no subtitulos and so the education value is greatly diminished to me.) and so I clicked to the next something (chapter, episode, story, season? capitulos) and let it run. And made my cheezy pasta and gorged a bit on it. Nom nom nom, as it were.

Now I've pulled out the onions and garlic from last episode and looked them over. They look okay, and having pulled ot the most knife-like things in the drawers I'm going to cut up a few. In combination with the canned (!) garbanzos I have here perhaps I will have some hummus to pack into work to supplement the hot dog supply.

Ha! Apparently today at least the cat is tragically startled bythe sound of knife hitting cutting board. The first time I cut the end off an onion she knocked her kibble and water bowl askew (fixed) nd this next time (other side, same onion) she skittered away after squeaking!

** When i make pasta, particularly the macaroni, I often get lots of foam that threatens to overcome the pot. Cooks and (o)chemists, any hints or explanations?

Two replies to one little email?

I wrote:

> Would you have the time to work up a Mediawiki style for the documentation wiki
> that matches the new design, logo, and colors for [OurCorp]?
> It's pretty simple for those of you who get CSS :) There is way too
> much detail on it here:
> I can drop you a wiki somewhere if you need one to try stuff on
> (although from that link it looks like you can do as a user as well).
> I don't want to disturb the production one (or [Admin]) with this just
> yet.
> While I'm thinking, the [other intranet] pages probably need design love too,
> but I don't have anything to do with that :)

And I got back two responses. One from the guy I mailed saying:
No prob [adric]. Just set up a wiki for me and I'll mess around with it.,
which (yay!) is the most positive response I could have hoped for..

And another from Da Boss saying:
Should you have a request like this in the future, please send it to ME.

to which I've responded:
Certainly. I'm not ready to ask you about this item yet, but I certainly
didn't mean to cause any trouble.

So, uh, can I still work with the designer on this, or would it better if I never spoke to him again?
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