July 26th, 2008


Let me sum up

It seems I have been sniping qute a bit on one of mangosteen's threads again and for some reason I'm going to paste all of them into this post.

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I think that's all of it. Maybe one of my okcupid adjectives should be 'bitter'.

Oh, here's one from a mail thread with my boss (not to be confused with The Boss who I decline to contact without great need):

I can ask, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

Mm hmm, me too. This is the avenue of communication I have. I don't like that
it often comes out as a list of complaints. (the same could be said of my
vocalizations). sometimes I can word stuff as helpful suggestions. I certainly try to do so.
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Want to run.

I'm getting powerful 'get the hell out of here' pulses again/more. I definitely need to find a better job, and probably just need to get clear of the computer business, because I can't take the sanity damage. Unfortunately it's really the only thing anyone has ever paid me very much (still not very much, but the most) to do or that I seem to be able to fake being good at (so far).

I did okay at Radio Shack when they let us actually fix things. running around to different stores every month or so for various missions was pretty cool. The money was crap then and is .. worse now by all accounts, not to mention that I'd have to get into a manager trainee program .. and I know better than to take responsibility for a store (even i sleep sometimes).

I really enjoyed teaching, and it's possible I'm good at it. I lack paperwork to do that in most common venues, and the prospect of striking out of my own is another essay (while an obvious solution to some problems ... there are obstacles). I'm pretty sure I would not be able to work within the education system as is, even if I had the paperwork.

As ever, any suggestions or ideas about fields of jobs from people who I have worked with or who just read this drivel are greatly welcome.

Job or work is a big part of it but the dissatisfaction and friction (etc) are bigger than that. It just affects everything since I have phone bills, car payment and kibble to buy every month. The things I signed up for to keep me Here a while longer are also keeping me here, which may not be so helpful to the greater goal.