June 26th, 2008



Reading: I'm a couple chapters into Guns, Germs, and Steel which is quite refreshing and promising so far. The author hopes to suggest scientifically backed answers for some big questions I have been ruminating on for a while. I read half of Bad Monkeys last night before crashing only because I couldn't stitch the sentences together while my eyelids were cracked open. It's been quite fun so far. Have they tried to make a movie of it yet? And I'm making no prgress at all on Yotsuba&!

Oh, and Chapter 2 of the Windows Server book (70-646) is apparently about IPv6. Like waaaay about it. As in, two days later I'm try to get the prefixes for the link types straight and I may have to make flash cards. ff::::::: ...., fe:::::::::, *dies*

Steam games: Heroes of Annihilated Empires (RPG vs RTS) single-player demo is a little clunky and the learning curve a bit sharp but it might be worth the effort. I certainly spent a couple hours hacking into the scenario, which I hope isn't the first one in the game(?) due to it's size and difficulty. Loki Norse warrior demo wouldn't even start a game, so that's dispensed with. The good news? Penny Arcade Adventures: Ep 1 was amazing, really great. In addition to really hilarious and fun game play it is the prettiest and best sounding game I have played in a while. Skip the demo if you're using Steam and just buy it, or you'll have to start over *shrug*, a niggle. If you can't cough up the 20 bucks now, better to wait because after the demo you'll really want to register ;)

Movies: Immortal: A strange French movie (in English) via Netflix based loosely on some comics I have not read (Nikopol trilogy?). Beautiful scenes and interesting characters. Hardly makes any sense at all due to translations and yet that doesn't take away from the film any more than unsubtitled poetry. Or Egyptian. Slap Shot: An odd movie from 1977(?) about hockey and ... well ... hooliganism? Really hysterically funny, and Newman's performance is actually quite good.

Eddie Izzard: Stripped Wed show: Wonderfully funny and provocative, even in other languages than English. He's used the time since his last tour well to come with lots of new material that is funny and still very much his. A great show and thanks to sotto_voce for dragging me out there for birthday.

Podcastery: I'm barely keeping up with Escape Pod and Pod Castle, and I listened to very nearly all of Cory Doctorow reading his Eastern Standard Tribe (Podiobooks) while baby sitting Windows installs at work Monday.

EVE: Well, I'm slowly piling up Research Points. Those are good for somethig, I think. Also, another few days and my toon can study Hacking. Woo.

Right now I'm less than twenty percentum into "Ender in Flight", a new Ender's Game story posted to IGMS by Orson Scott Card himself.