June 18th, 2008


Mittwoch, Mitt-Juni, Mitt-Jahr?

Had a wonderful, wonderful time last night with faire_raven in spite or because of her plans going awry :)


Plan: Je suis ver a la Targe't Supre, por la grocerias gratis und Fruhstuck. Later, cake is threatened, they tell me. We have all become so skeptical of offers of cake...


Wearing: "Class War not Race War" tshirt I stole from ptwarhol ages ago, powder blue BbV, pants, shoes .. or will be shortly.

Reading: 70-646 Windows Server Administration Training Kit, D&D 4th Edition core. Well, in theory. Better reading is limping its' way here via Amazon Marketplace. And I'm still keeping up with TalesofMU and several webcomics.

Hacking: I spent two consecutive evenings trying to brute force my way into understanding Sproutcore (new web site dev framework), but have surrendered due to wounds suffered. Although the framework looks awfully nifty there are no high level docs (just solid API docs) and the wiki seems to have disappeared in a site upgrade. Oh, and I'm trying to get this whole Windows Server project moving. It's a deep, deep rabbit hole.

Playing: EVE, Virtual Villagers 3: the End of the Annoying Trilogy of Suffering, and Final Fantasy (PSP).

Podcasts: Ooh, should do a post. I'm staying caught up on EscapePod and PodCastle which have both been great lately. And I have been neglecting my Japanese lessons, yappari.

Must food, mata ne! .. Oh, and y'all?

This post brought to you by annoying formatting errors that I can't fix. good thing the LJ era is coming to a close, ne?