June 9th, 2008


Banality for Monday

Vacation is more than half empty. It's been pretty good, but still..

Got out of bed just after Ms Reisitz started up her schtick due to distressing nightmares which I'm trying to forget. Now have good creepy material for cyberpunk work set in third world (sic) jungle, fwiw.

sotto_voce's party was fun and went pretty well. I had a lovely time dodging the party with faire_raven. The worst thing that happened was SV getting ill, but she seems to have gotten over it completely. They did indeed stay in bed all day Sunday and the proof is that she gave me credit for helping to clean (must've posted from said bedroom before coming downstairs ;)

Still more banal: I just finished a bowl of oatmeal as I am out of muffins and cereal and I might actually leave the house for coffeee and groceries today. Maybe. Uncertain about the attendance pattern for tonight, and the D&D 4 books have shipped and the write ups I read were quite positive.

Past the first one, Virtual Villagers made having enough food into a puzzle-fest and it really takes a heaping scoop of fun out of the game to still be trying to get them enough food hours and hours in. I ditched the first village after they died off to 5 people and have started a new one with what I learned from the hints online .. and it doesn't seem to be doing much better yet. Feh

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no, let me sum up...

The overall experience at B&N was mildly unpleasant, although this is not really the fault of the host organization. They had one of the books in the boxset of Microsoft propaganda I'm trying to buy, but not the box set. She (the clerk) cheerfully offered to order it for me to pick up next week and the fee to join matches the discount it would provide on the purchase but i declined. Meanwhile the newly rennovated (?) computer books ghetto was packed with the usual suspects, plus a dark-skinned Yank bloke who flirted at me with hesitation and poor skill.

The art on the table at Starbucks looks like I've spilled coffee under the XO. It's freaking me out. I am however leaping ahead in the narrative flow.
Neither my chai nor water are the same color as the stain/stencil art and so repositioning them does not help.

When complimenting a sapient with intent to improve their opinion of you, a certain amount of fuzzy logic is expected. Positive remarks about colours applied are good. Unfortunately, falsehood has the opposite effect: do not say things match that don't as you risk calling attention to a detail that the sapient is already annoyed about. Example: my toes and fingers do not match. Observing that their matching causes one pleasure is an indication of dishonesty or extremely poor visual acuity.

After aimlessly browsing the stacks for new titles of interest, if not for the entertainment of the poor shelving, I recalled another book I had genuinely been trying to buy to advance my studies. Please note that books pertaining to actual ongoing education have a different accounting classification than pleasure reading, video games, and pornography.

I looked around the shelves near where the RegEx book might have been, but I did not want to disturb the earnest and fairly personal conversation two women were having from their seats amidst that aisle(!). Shortly after I fled the book store. Declining the only movie (the third, wait fourth? Indiana Jones movie) that was about to start, I have thus come to Starbuck's and am absorbing tea, water, and cool air ... although not wireless access ... for less than 6 USD. The high-pitched description of th opening scene by one of the larval form primates standing near the theatre entrance helped me decide against the movie.

In short today's gallavanting about in public in the daylight has been rather unpleasant. Do they not have museums in this country?
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