May 18th, 2008


Troll baiting on osnews?

I'm slightly proud of my flames in these threads. Here's the new one:

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I am only replying to you because you spent so many words not refuting my suggestions that it's amusing.

If you would like to criticise the arguments presented in the linked post, please do so. Attacking the person in lieu of the argument is called an 'ad hominem' attack and is a common fallacy taught in rhetoric and philosophy classes.

You might have had something if you'd stopped with "rant from an ex-employee", but you did not, and so any sane arguments that you might chose to make (...) are coloured by the light of your opening attack.

Thanks for the criticism of my personal website design. That was classy and helps to prove my point even more.

See how I can point out problems with your presented arguments without criticizing you personally?